Drone Wars
from Microgaming Slots

Drone Wars
5 / 5 stars
Drone Wars is a 5 Reeled, 25 Lined, robots,drones themed Video Slot from Microgaming Slots. Features such as Free Spins, wild symbols, scatters, a bonus feature, give you multiple ways to win with Drone Wars.

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Drone Wars Game Facts

Game Name Drone Wars Theme robots,drones
Provider Microgaming Slots Type Video Slot
Num Pay Lines 25 Num Reels 5
Free Spins Num Free Spins 5
Wild Symbols Scatters Multipliers
Progressive Bonus Feature Gamble Feature

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Drone Wars Review

In a galaxy far, far away, fight the evil Drones for intergalactic riches greater than a star fleet. Flying through space, you and your crew can win all the treasures of the universe.

DRONE WARS is 3D rendered and has the look and feel of a vintage video game. When three Scatters materialize CHOOSE YOUR MISSION:

Mission 1 Planetary Assault:

In a battle to save the planet, all reel symbols are captured and disappear from the screen. Here come the Drones! As the drones are destroyed by powerful lasers, each Drone becomes a Wild symbol. When all the drones are destroyed, the reel symbols return in a free spin. The wild symbols remain to increase your winnings. Mission successful!!!

Mission 2 Space Assault:

Now its up to you to try to destroy the attacking drones by aiming and firing your rockets assault weapon. Each drone hit reveals an extraordinary prize to add to your winnings. Only problem, the drones fight back and your spaceship only has so much fuel to continue blasting. The more drones that are destroyed, the richer and more successful your mission will be.

DRONE WARS is a twenty-five line slot game that features the epic sci-fi classic of man vs. drone. The game is extremely interactive as the player can both pick his mission, target and fire at drones for wilds, free spins and picks. It is a player experience that is completely unique.

The DRONE WARS video slot feels as if the player has landed inside an epic, sci-fi classic battle of man vs. drone to save the planet.

DRONE WARS is a new twenty five line video slot that features stunning 3D rendered graphics and unique, interactive bonus features. It is reminiscent of a vintage sci-fi video game. The theme is an intergalactic battle where the player must destroy enemy drones to have a series of successful missions. The game presents multiple bonus features so each player can choose the preferred mission.

The Planetary Assault Mission, offers wild symbols to replace disabled drones. All other symbols temporarily disappear to allow for the maximum battle ground. All symbols re-appear when the drones are all destroyed and the free spin feature, including static wild symbols, begins. Up to 15 Drones may attack, maximizing the players win!

The Space Assault Mission, allows the player to target and destroy drones for additional winnings with each drone destroyed. This feature is entirely interactive as the drones literally need to be targeted by the player before they are destroyed. Destroying 20 of the attacking Drones awards the player with a Bonus Award.

On a max bet of 100.00 wins of up to 8 060.00 in the base game, 19 000.00 in the Space Assault Mission and 100 000.00 during the Planetary Assault Mission are possible.

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