Mount Olympus – Revenge of Medusa
from Microgaming Slots

Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa
5 / 5 stars
Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa is a 5 Reeled, 25 Lined, themed Video Slot from Microgaming Slots. Features such as wild symbols, scatters, a bonus feature, give you multiple ways to win with Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa.

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Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa Game Facts

Game Name Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa Theme
Provider Microgaming Slots Type Video Slot
Num Pay Lines 25 Num Reels 5
Free Spins Num Free Spins N/A
Wild Symbols Scatters Multipliers
Progressive Bonus Feature Gamble Feature

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Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa Review

MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSA, the newest offering from Microgaming, brings you the wealth of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. Its the story of the evil Medusa, a creature so fierce that it turned all that met her gaze into stone. Now, her gaze turns into riches beyond even mythical greatness.

The beauty of the game artwork is reminiscent of the times when warriors such as the mighty Perseus slew Medusa and other evil creatures that terrorized civilization. Now, you can do the same and receive all the gold and splendor showered on these illustrious heroes of old.

When the bonus is triggered, touch the snakes that grow out of Medusaís hair. But have no fear! Each snake that you pick turns into slithering wild reels that hold during a unique series of individual free spins! The wild reels offer spectacular winnings that would amaze even the greatest of warriors!

MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSA is a twenty-five line video slot game. Three scatter symbols trigger the bonus. When triggered, five snakes appear. The player picks a snake that reveals how many wild reels are available for each of a series five free spin games. The player has an opportunity to pick a new snake before each free spin to change or increase the number of wild reels. A different snake slithers across the reel turning the entire reel wild.

MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSA offers riches piled high as Mount Olympus itself. Be a warrior and claim your share of the winnings.

It is a time of monsters and heroes in MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSATM, the latest offering from Microgaming. Medusa was the most beautiful of three sisters but their jealousy changed her into one of the most horrific creatures in Greek mythology. She turned all those who looked at her into stone. Now itís your turn. Instead of stone, however, Medusa turns your play into heroic winnings. As the magnificently created ancient symbols spin, the treasures that were bestowed upon the most heroic of mythical mortals can be yours.

In MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSA, the usually evil snakes that make up her hair actually bring great fortune. Choose your favorite snake in the bonus feature and receive an entire wild reel. The slithering and hissing snakes provide the great winnings of a mighty warrior. This is her revenge! Not stone, but massive amounts of treasure.

When triggered, this spectacular bonus feature is a tremendous and unique experience. Five free spins are awarded. Before each spin, the player picks one of five snakes writhing in the head of the Medusa. Your pick reveals how many wild reels you have won for that free spin. Medusaís snakes slither across the entire reel for a greater chance of winning every time!

MOUNT OLYMPUS: THE REVENGE OF MEDUSA is a twenty five line video slot game themed in the world of Greek Mythology. The bonus feature allows you to pick a snake to reveal different wild reels during each of five free spins. Once you play this extraordinary game, you will share Medusaís revenge by turning her snakes into winnings of mythic proportion.

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