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5 / 5 stars
Atlantis is a 5 Reeled, 20 Lined, ocean themed Video Slot from Sheriff Gaming Slots. Features such as Free Spins, wild symbols, scatters, a bonus feature, give you multiple ways to win with Atlantis.

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Atlantis Game Facts

Game Name Atlantis Theme ocean
Provider Sheriff Gaming Slots Type Video Slot
Num Pay Lines 20 Num Reels 5
Free Spins Num Free Spins 8,15,25
Wild Symbols Scatters Multipliers
Progressive Bonus Feature Gamble Feature

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Atlantis Review

In ancient times, the Gods and mankind lived together in harmony. But then mankind angered the Gods and Poseidon punished man with a great flood. It was a flood so great that it sank the kingdom of Atlantis deep into an abyss. The location of this mythical city has been a mystery every since...

That is, until now when the legendary explorer Pierre Le Me is embarking on an epic journey to explore the deep seas in search of the lost city of Atlantis. But revealing the mysteries of the ocean is not without its dangers. Help Pierre La Mer on tis great quest and you can get rewarded handsomely for your heroic efforts!

Atlantis, a stunning underwater 3D animated slot game, will intrigue players immediately with a cinema quality animated film that introduces the famous deep sea explorer, Pierre Le Mer, and his search for the lost world of Atlantis.

Atlantis is a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-win line 3D animated video slot that's perfect for online slot lovers with a sense of adventure. The reels are packed with incredible sea life and ocean exploration symbols worthy of a great deep sea adventure. Atlantis is rich in game play options that will delight the senses and players can enjoy a treasure trove of great prizes and bonuses worthy of the Greek Gods.

Expanding Wild Reel
Watch for the WILD symbol, the great white shark, to appear on the middle reel, which will then expand to become a full WILD reel - making for even more exciting winning combinations.

When the CLICK ME bonus feature is triggered, all of the symbols on the reels will be replaced by CLICK ME symbols. Click as many of the CLICK ME symbols as possible to reveal the prize values hidden underneath before the COLLECT symbol is revealed. The CLICK ME BONUS game is a sweet reward for adventurous game players!

The Atlantis BONUS Feature Game
Get 3-5 BONUS symbols scattered on the reels on one spin and win 8-15 spins in the special bonus game!

The beautifully animated bonus game transports players to the underwater ruins of Atlantis with symbols of long lost treasures and deep-sea creatures. Free spins run automatically, racking up points with these special winning combinations. Players can even win additional free bonus spins while they're playing the bonus game and winnings can pile up to legendary amounts!

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime and prizes of legendary proportions in the amazing 3D animated slot game Atlantis!

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